Special Guests/Authors: David Ardlie, Margaret Clark, Ann Galbally, Alice Garner, Robert Hillman, Anthony Marshall, Paul Morgan, Dianne Reilly, Eva Sallis.

Special Events:

  • Exhibitions, poetry, and other writings.
  • Meet the Authors, opening.   
  • Interpreting the Past for the Present.  How to be faithful to the past, yet give meaning to the 21st century?  Ann Galbally (Charles Conder), Valerie O'Byrne (Jonathan Griffiths), and Dianne Reilly (Charles Joseph La Trobe) will discuss dilemmas of researching and interpretation.
  • Author crashes boundary and survives.  Successful author of teenage fiction, Margaret Clark's first venture into adult fiction The Femails is very funny.  How do authors who are type cast break out of the mould and reinvent themselves.
  • Author seeks legend.  Paul Morgan's debut novel, The Pelagius Book, set during the collapse of the Roman Empire, contains numerous echoes of present day.
  • Travellers in Search of a Story.  Hillman's The Boy in the Green Suit, winner of the 2003 National Biography Prize, recounts an innocent abroad in the 1960s.
  • Develop or Disintegrate?  Alice Garner's A Shifting Shore shows how an historic French fishing village handled an invasion of tourists and investors. 
  • Literary lunches and competitions. 
  • Second-hand book sale.
  • Barbara Cartland Hurl.
  • Story telling.  Andrew McKenna, renowned and loved storyteller, will present 2 story sessions.
  • Secondary school student DEBATE.
  • Saturday Night at the Movies, Three Dollars.
  • For the Brave or the Desperate?  Euan Mitchell, author of Self-Publishing Made Simple:  the Ultimate Australian Guide, set out the costs and benefits of self-publishing the smart way.
  • Whose Book is it Anyway?  Editors, Anne Findlay and Diane Carlyle, together with author, Paul Morgan, explore the fine line in the art of editing between guiding the prospective author and taking over.
  • Making Sense or Making Sensation?  Columnists Alan Attwood and Sushi Das (The Age), John Ferguson (Herald Sun), Ian Pech (The Standard), debate the dilemma of media writing in helping the reader make sense without sensation. 
  • Whatever Happened to Silence?  Dianne Reilly (State Library), Margaret Smith (Corangamite Regional Library), and Vicki Mackay (City Library),  examine the role of libraries in the 21st century. 



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