A Literary Masala

Special Guests/Authors: Jane Clifton, Barry Dickins, Rita Erlich, Scot Gardner, Roger Haldane, Adib Khan, Amanda Lohrey, Shane Maloney, Maureen McCarthy 

Special Events:

  • Opening with Jane Clifton, Meet the Authors.
  • Exhibition of illustrations by Julie Vivas, illustrator of Possum Magic. 
  • 'Creative bookmarks' competition and exhibition (primary schools).
  • Book sales.
  • Buffet lunch with Rita Erlich, doyen food writer and commentator.
  • Lagoon and other stories, etchings by Carmel Wallace, text by Anna Lanyon.
  • Writers Workshop with Don Swanson, The Flavour of Words.
  • Fact and Fiction in Politics.  State MP for Yan Yean, Danielle Green interviewed Shane Maloney about Victorian politics seen through the eyes of his fictional character Murray Whelan.
  • The biggest book group in Port Fairy.  Amanda Lohrey lead the discussion of her latest novel, The Philosopher's Doll'. 
  • Wars Never End.  Adib Khan examined the continuing impact of the Viet Nam War on Australians through Martin, the central character of his novel 'Homecoming'.
  • Barbara Cartland Hurl.
  • Performance of Russian Soup, a dark comedy based on classic Russian fiction directed by John Bolton, with Greg Ulfan, Joseph Sherman, Ernie Gruner and Phillip Carroll.
  • Roger Haldane, local artist and writer, worked on drawings for his next book.
  • From Heaven to Helsinki Memory, Place and Identity.  David McCooney, critic and poet, and Maria Takolander, essayist and fiction writer from Deakin University, explored autobiographical writing across two cultures.
  • Bright Like Blackman.  Barry Dickens talked about the life of artist Charles Blackman. 
  • Hey Jude, Get a Life.  Maureen McCarthy explored the dynamics of the later teenage years through her successful novel and tv series.  Music by Mike Ferguson and Kate Gane.
  • Rifling to Find the Treasures.  Scot Gardner, author of a string of well received teenager novels, explained how he rifles through lives to find the treasures.

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